Emergency Web Response System
Welcome to the Loeb Emergency Response System

The Loeb Emergency Response System (Loeb ERS), is a communication network using the Internet and telephone, developed to link Loeb & Loeb’s attorneys and staff across offices in the event of a weather emergency, utility outage, natural disaster or security situation. The network is designed to ascertain the safety, condition and needs of our employees and help coordinate required response. In addition, the Loeb ERS is the primary source of current information about office closings, special/temporary procedures and the implementation of business contingency or continuity plans.

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the Loeb ERS Web component and how to use it – along with ALERTCAST (1.800.640.3215) and the telephone – in an emergency situation. Please log in using the ID and Password assigned to you by clicking the log in link below.

Employee Login